Bitcoin Zombie
Bitcoin Zombie are 80 handraw Ordianls on Bitcoin Network. In the mid to late 21st century, the energy-intensive mining process of Bitcoin's proof-of-work consensus led to a global ban on mining, causing big mining sites to shut down. The ban resulted in a significant loss of funding for a once-respected scientist, whose desperate attempts to continue his research led to the release of a virus that would change humanity forever. The virus, dubbed the "bit" virus, infected humans and turned them into what appeared to be walking deads - cruel and bloodthirsty creatures that terrified the uninfected. Decades later, people began to realize that the infected individuals had not lost their minds. In fact, as the "bit" virus continued to mutate, the infected humans evolved with it. They gained computing power comparable to that of a computer, which gave them not only the logical thinking ability of a human but also the computational efficiency of a machine. Despite the benefits of their newfound abilities, many people were still reluctant to join the ranks of the "bitzombies." However, as time went on, the zombies with stronger brains created a new civilization called "bitzombie." In this world, the once-disgusting-looking walkers lived together in harmony, using their enhanced computing power to build a more powerful civilization.
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