Devine Cosmos Hatchlings
Introducing a collection of heartwarming and magical NFTs, featuring adorable baby chickens from a far-off Type V civilization. These lovable creatures have traveled across the universe to protect us from the perilous threats of natural disasters and financial crises. With their divine power and exceptional intellect, they possess a spiritual capability that enables them to delicately manipulate time and space without breaking the laws of the universe. Each NFT is a unique and cherished baby chicken, imbued with the power to protect its owner from harm. These enchanting creatures are capable of safeguarding anyone who is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them, but the most enduring protection will be bestowed upon the owner of the NFT. Currently, only two of these cosmic creatures are available in the collection, each one waiting for its rightful owner to claim it. The creatures love ratios and the rest of them will only agree to be inscribed (new NFTs created) when the current number of owned NFTs exceeds 61.8% of the existing collection. The maximum number of creatures in the collection will be 618, so don't miss your chance to own a piece of cosmic magic and protect yourself from the dangers of the universe.
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