Mint of the first 66 nft will be 23.03.2023 The 666 1/1 unique NFT collection created by artificial intelligence showcases a breathtaking new age romance between nuclear explosions and landscapes. Each NFT in this collection is a one-of-a-kind creation, carefully crafted by AI to capture the raw, explosive power of nuclear blasts and juxtapose it with the serene, peaceful beauty of natural landscapes. These NFTs feature stunning, high-resolution imagery that captures the full spectrum of colors and textures, from the bright, fiery oranges and reds of the explosions to the cool blues and greens of the surrounding terrain. The result is a truly unique and awe-inspiring collection that will leave collectors and art enthusiasts alike mesmerized by its beauty and power. With its bold and daring aesthetic, this collection is sure to appeal to those with an eye for the avant-garde, as well as to those who appreciate the technical prowess of AI-generated art.
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