Ordinal Origins
The Ordinal Origins collection is a series of 21 Ordinal NFTs, all inscripted via bitcoin network. Each NFT represens a block in the Bitcoin blockchain that has a significant historical significance. These blocks include the Block 0, ABC Fork, BIP-148 major update and many more. Each NFT in the Ordinal Origins collection is a unique digital artwork, created by our artist in ‘collaboration’ with the most modern AI-technology, that represents the block in a visually striking and meaningful way. Some of the pieces are abstract and conceptual, while others are more representational, featuring imagery that directly references the block in question. For example, the NFT representing the block 0 is a big cube in the shape of labyrinth, which abstractly shows what a thorny and long road ahead of the Bitcoin and blockchain itself. Each NFT comes with a certificate of authenticity — the original inscription “serial” number.
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