Ordinal Rabbits Genesis collection
32 Ordinal Rabbits inscribed between 90-100k who aim to gather 32 OGs as owners into a strong core community. We believe that a network of KOLs with a common interest will give real exposure and value to the Ordinals ecosystem The 32 Genesis Ordinal Rabbits will be proposed only to people who create real value to "DAOs" with networking. 🐰 Storyline : Deep in the heart of the Bitcoin blockchain lies a mysterious world, home to the Ordinal Rabbits. These rare and elusive creatures are said to possess magical powers, each with its own unique abilities and personality. Legend has it that those lucky enough to possess every of the 32 genesis rabbits will be granted untold riches and good fortune. 💰 ⚠️ Warning! The hunt for these coveted creatures will be fierce! Only the most dedicated and cunning collectors will be able to call themselves true rabbit owners. :sus: ℹ️ Supply & Price ℹ️ Genesis Ordinal Rabbits - 32 1/1s Chapter 1: The Hunt ✅ Available only for the chosen ones with a bonding curb as follows: 1-10 : 0.02 BTC 11-20 : 0.04 BTC 20-30 : 0.06 BTC 31-32 : Auction starting at 0.05 BTC
Floor price