Ordinals Djinns
OpenNFB.com present : OrdinalsDjinns is a magical and artistic experience that brings captivating genies to life from a lamp. Each of the 10 000 NFTs represents a unique genie based on an ordinal number, offering a fascinating visual experience. Each genie in the "OrdinalsDjinns" collection is an original digital artwork created by a talented and inspired artist. Each one is designed to capture the personality and charm of legendary genies, using unique colors, patterns, and shapes to represent their individuality and magic. As a collector, you can discover classic genies that use figurative representations of legendary characters, as well as more experimental NFTs that explore abstract and fantastical approaches. With "OrdinalsDjinns," you can immerse yourself in a magical and fantastical world, where each genie is a treasure to collect and cherish. OrdinalsDjinns is the perfect collection for digital art and fairy tale enthusiasts. What is OpenNFT.com,
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