"WE ALL MFERS: A COLLECTION OF RETRO MFER MEMES" “A key moment was one day when i drew a cig on the kid and made it my pfp with my typical orange background. this crude stick figure kid with headphones and a quickly inked cig with smoke as he slouched in a chair with his arms extended to the keyboard was me…and all the tweets were from that smiling smoking motherfucker. whether a meme or joke or thoughts on the economics of nfts, that dude was typing them out--with a positive vibe but also a ‘don’t fuck with me’ vibe and the ‘it’s web3 i do what i want vibe.’ that’s how sartoshi looks -- doing nfts with a digital cig and tweeting shit out (remember kids real smoking is dangeroooous). what if we all have that motherfucker inside of us? we’re all degens in our own way, sitting at a computer and navigating a new world..artists, collectors, investors, gamers, teachers, whatever. what if an nft collection could capture that feeling so anyone could be their mfer inside? this is what inspired the mfers collection. Since we were kids mfers been paying millions of dollars for digital gaming loot & upgrades that mfers don't own. Virtual goods that are stuck in corporate mfer shareholder silos + closed gaming ecosystems. By 2025, mfers like us are expected to spend over $25 billion on loot boxes that go directly to large corporate bank accounts instead of the artists, gamers, developers, designers, copywriters, artists, technologists and every other mfer that was involved in building them. This collection of retro gaming memes are dedicated to the gamers that were there from the early days. Whether your entry to gaming was Doom 3D, Street Fighter II, Runescape, Golden Eye or World of Warcraft, those of us mfers that grew up playing these games will always have a bit of nostalgia for the early days of gaming. There are over 3.2 Billion gamers in the world, more than any religion, sport or social community on the planet. Why? Games bring mfers together. Games help mfers connect to our shared human story. Games unite mfers. WE ALL MFERS OCMfer
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