"We drew an abstract duck. Remixed it." by Far Q ... We settled on 6 pieces for our Second Ordinals Inscriptions Collection in which we again broke from our traditional style, and went static because Bitcoin is back to basics. Inscription: 106449 l TimeStamp: 2014-03-25 Inscription: 106682 l TimeStamp: 2014-03-25 Inscription: 106684 l TimeStamp: 2014-03-01 Inscription: 118435 l TimeStamp: 2010-10-11 Inscription: 118438 l TimeStamp: 2014-12-05 Inscription: 118783 l TimeStamp: 2022-11-30 We extended the collection with 6 more WTFdarqz to be minted as Stacks NFTs secured by Bitcoin. So 3 will appear on Gamma and 3 will appear on Heylayer. Because WTF?
Floor price