Print description
“Mycelioid RGB” begins the art diary on blockchain. The "Mycelioid" particle system algorithm will be used as the basis for monthly exploration and development. For the following months, I will explore artistic process and develop the algorithm. I want to see how the artwork will grow with new features, outputs, and technical solutions. Whether they come from my own explorations, Ordinals protocol or Gamma developing Prints. The first revision introduces more complex technical solutions: R/G/B channel separation, resulting in a generative color palette and multi-layered WebGL shaders. Tech specs: - infinite algorithmic animation - HTML: VanillaJS + WebGL - 8 976 B - Original inscribed on alpha sat 636819200000000
Meet the artist
Digital & generative artist. Virtual and physical space explorer. 3D printing enthusiast. Art Ph.D. || VCA Residency 6th Cohort
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Oct 11, 2023
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Oct 14, 2023