Print description
Mount Fuji from Shibuya, Tokyo at dusk. It is rare to see Mount Fuji about 100 km away from Tokyo. However, it was by chance that it was visible from the venue of the web3 art event in May 2023. The inorganic buildings of the metropolis and the majestic Mount Fuji standing with the gradation of clear dusk. It was a pure real moment when the harmony of opposing elements. This work is also inspired by "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji" by the Ukiyo-e artist "Hokusai Katsushika". it is formed on a basis that combines the concept of Gamma Prints with a respect for Ukiyo-e as prints.
Meet the artist
Street photographer & artist searching for beauty hidden in everyday life, started his career in December 2021. Based on the technique of street snapshots, he takes photographs with the theme of moments where reality and fiction are ambiguously intermingled and where there is a blank space for the imagination. He is also challenging unconventional photographic expressions such as collaborations, secondary works, and abstract expressions based on photography.
Primary sale info
October 2, 2023
100 offered