Print description
With a body aggregated from breasts, in homage to ancient matriarchal statuary, this Genesis Bitcoin #She Pepe connects the art historical elements to the contemporary Post Internet Crypto Meme space. #ShePepe was originally created for the "Enjoying the Silence?" #Artbasel2023 #Arthack as #ShePepe the Lenin Slayer. In this digital painting a glitched Post Digital displaced landscape, an Originals logo made of VFX pink puffs, and a sassy walk complete her entrance into Bitcoin. 24” physical prints on museum grade archival paper, signed by the artist, available for purchase exclusively to holders of She Pepe. Please contact Marjan on Twitter to order. 1000X 1000 px Webp Still Image Media: 3dCG Modeling and Rendering
Meet the artist
Renowned, pioneering, influential & widely exhibited digital artist & OG NFT artist known for her unique/original style of Post Digital & Glitch figuration/animation & a critical discourse. Recipient of top awards in Digital Art/animation, received grants from the likes of Rockefeller Fund, was a pioneering digital artist of Internet 1.0 era, has exhibited commissioned digital art at Smithsonian & other museums, was Adobe Artist-In-Resident, & Forbes’ Best of AR Art. Her works are held in private, institutional, NFT DAO, & private NFT art collections & she has created public art commissions, internationally. Hailed as “trailblazer in digital art” & “the definition of Digital Art” by the press, she has gone viral numerous times with her #arthacks on the internet and was featured in the BBC documentary "When Art Goes Digital". Her NFT art is sold out on top platforms such as Superrare and most recently she won the 1st NFT Digital Art Prize from NFC Summit/ Arab bank Switzerland. She has been exhibited/represented by The Unit London, Gazeli Art House, Annka Kultys Gallery, Superchief Gallery, NFT Factory Paris, Artpoint, NFT Gallery London, NFT Gallery NYC, Iham gallery (Paris), Vellum LA, and Expanded Art, Berlin.
Primary sale info
Mar 31, 2024
30 offered