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This piece holds special significance as Jimena Buena Vida's inaugural artwork on Bitcoin, marking a groundbreaking moment for her in the fusion of art and digital currency. “The Journey” is an animation, created using p5.js, that uses geometry and vibrancy to explore movement and emotion. Each element leaves behind glowing trails resembling the feeling of slipping back and falling behind. Yet, from a broader perspective, each regression enriches the visual composition, creating an abstract display that inspires awe. An invitation to accept our unique paths, “The Journey” sets the stage to embrace the unknown, act boldly, overcome indecisiveness, and become comfortable with discomfort, seeking to convey that the value of our shared humanity lies not only in the destination but in every step of the journey.
Meet the artist
artist • code & rule-based art in loving presence • p5js 🌈
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May 24, 2024
40 offered
May 24, 2024