Print description
At mint out, every print will be entered into a draw, and one will receive this original Chemical X artwork - A cure-all or the poison pill? We are yet to discover if we a dropping smart drugs or just doping ourselves up. Follow the right instructions before you go down the rabbit hole…orange or black? You decide.
Meet the artist
Chemical X is an anonymous British contemporary artist. Labelled a ‘cult artist’ by The Observer newspaper through his determination not to engage with the establish art market in the conventional way. Despite this, his work sells for $100k via private sales and commissions. Collectors and celebrities seek his work out knowing that there is nothing like it anywhere else. In early 2021, Chemical X started to work on NFTs but was drawn to the more embryonic Bitcoin based ecosystem. He co-founded, and created some of the World's first NFTs on Bitcoin. The Genesis Collection is a series of five artworks created in collaboration with style icon Cara Delevingne, superstar DJ Fatboy Slim, Music legend Dave Stewart of Eurythmics and electronic dance pioneers Orbital along with a solo work. Cara Delevingne's piece entitled ‘Mine', a spoken word affirmation of female empowerment, drew global media coverage and has been viewed over 1.8m times.
Primary sale info
August 26, 2023
333 offered