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“Mycelioid DRAG” is the 6th entry in the art journal on blockchain. I use the “Mycelioid” particle system algorithm as the basis for monthly exploration and development. Sixth implementation of code responses to human interaction. “DRAG” the cursor over the canvas to repel the particles. Follow these interactions to play with the artwork: — [drag/hover] / [1 finger drag] to repel particles, — [right click] / [2 finger tap] to change repel type — [double click] / [3 finger tap] to remove obstacles — [click + drag] to change obstacle size. “Mycelioid DRAG” follows Bitcoin’s advancement. Determining initial setup by each block mined allowed to introduce widest variety in particle behavior. Particles not only move harmoniously but also cluster, stop, or move in intricate patterns. Blockchain advancement not only alters the setup, but begins a celebratory sequence of rapid movement. The extra feature allows you to input your own seed or blockheight manually: — press [S] on keyboard to open the input window. For the following months, I will explore artistic process and develop the algorithm. I want to see how the artwork will grow with new features, outputs, and technical solutions. Whether they come from my own explorations, Ordinals protocol or Gamma developing Prints. Tech specs: — infinite algorithmic animation — HTML: VanillaJS + WebGL — 9 242 B — Original inscribed on Nakamoto sat 17395077152106
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Digital & generative artist. Virtual and physical space explorer. 3D printing enthusiast. Art Ph.D. || VCA Residency 6th Cohort
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