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Beneath the gentle sun's embrace, on this idyllic Saturday afternoon, we savor the moment, our glasses filled with liquid gold. Laughter dances on the breeze as friends gather 'round, toasting to the beauty of simple joys. The amber elixir warms our souls, and in each sip, we taste the sweetness of life's fleeting hours. With every clink of glasses and the citrusy zing of orange, we celebrate the harmony of this tranquil day, where time stands still, and worries fade away.
Meet the artist
Resaang is an artist from Hong Kong & LA. She has non-traditional art career as a self-taught artist in Web 3.0. Professionally she studied Finance at NYU and had a career as a banker and investor, art was a passion until she found Web 3.0. In the space, she is notable for her involvement as an artist, collector, trader and research analyst. She has launched an art project on Bitcoin ordinals - Chromatica Ordinals and would love to share her passion for the arts further with Gamma.
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Oct 5, 2023
60 offered
Sale capped at 39
Oct 20, 2023