Print description
Behold the revelation: "h00dsy" by Sir Gadfly, a prized masterpiece taking its stance within the illustrious Prints series. Emerging from glitch artistry, it masterfully unites graffiti's pulse, Banksy's spark, and the visionary h00dlums spirit, an anthem to the audacious wave of Bitcoin-born creativity. But this is no ordinary art piece – it's a proclamation of scarcity. Only a mere 100 prints of "h00dsy" shall ever grace existence, resurrecting the belief that ordinals are far from forgotten. This is your passport into a movement, a testament to the artistry of the digital age. Seize the avant-garde and become part of history.
Meet the artist
Γ˜β‚² Artist ✴️ glitching rare art on Bitcoin⚑️
Primary sale info
August 25, 2023
100 offered
August 25, 2023