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Tricky Dick (24K gold ash tray) On August 15th, 1971, President Richard M. Nixon decoupled the US dollar from the gold standard, which had been a key tenet of the Bretton Woods agreement established in July of 1944, with the price of gold set at a fixed rate of US $35.00). By creating dollars far in excess of its gold reserves, the US could continue to spend money on The Vietnam War without restraints. The "Nixon Shock" resulted in global inflation and instability throughout the 1970s. Possessing the piece allows the collector to imagine the exquisite pleasure of ashing out on the infamous monetary traitor. A physical piece of the ashtray cast in 24K gold will be created and auctioned off at a later date, with payment only possible in Bitcoin. The collector, ideally a gold maximalist; for instance, Peter Schiff, would essentially be exchanging Bitcoin for gold. The accompanying Ordinal (inscribed with an image of the artwork) will serve to memorialize a bet about two competing stores of value. Which has become worth more, gold or Bitcoin?
Meet the artist
Conceptual artist who makes art designed to inspire critical thinking about money and censorship.
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Aug 25, 2023
35 offered